Sunday, March 14, 2010

Team Ted Valentin

Hi! My name is Ted Valentin. I'm an internet entrepreneur and the guy who the started the 24 Hour Business Camp (a nice hack event) here in Sweden.

Some of the websites I've developed previously are,, and Boutique hotels London, Paris, New York, Cape Town, Berlin. Also, check out and

My philosophy is to develop simple and useful websites, at low cost. And f-a-s-t, of course. After launch the websites should preferably by self-sustainable.

At the moment I'm on parental leave, so the Bonnier Hack Day will be a nice break from things :)

Other sites in development are pleaces where people can find frisörer, teatrar, cafeer, restauranger, museer, barer, hotell, vandrarhem, butiker, företag, tatuerare, pizzerior, skönhet, spa,, apotek, kiropraktorer, massage, trafikskolor, bil-relaterat, butiker, nagelsalonger och mäklare

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hack Day summary

The winners: Team Sydsvenskan -

The first Bonnier Hack Day is now over. Oh boy, what a day. Despite the fact that the alarm went completely berserk at around 5 pm, amazing participants, concepts, discussions and food made the event a huge success. And a big plus: the Internet connected worked fairly well for the most of the time.

The winning concept, developed by Per-Olof Bondesson, Johannes Fosseus and Sara Johannesson from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, is a city wiki/guide that combines location-based mobile services such as Gowalla and Foursqaure, Twitter and newspaper articles (by using Saplo's sentiment analysis API) along with users' own ratings to estimate the popularity of venues and other city phenomenons.

The jury, consisting of Sarah Öhrvall and Alexander Jamal of Bonnier R&D, Roger Åberg of Feber, Spotify ex-CTO Andreas Ehn and Joakim Jardenberg of Mindpark AB, particularly liked the way in which team Sydsvenskan used new and vastly different sources/API:s to provide more accurate and extensive reviews. David Kjelkerud and Henrik Berggren's stunning photo-based news browsing service Pictoriala and Per Åström and Marcus Lindén's useful web TV content aggregator were nominated too.

There are of course several ways to enjoy Bonnier Hack Day in retrospect. Here are some:

Chris Thorpe's (@jaggeree) Hackwall and blog post.

Per Åström's (@perkovich) blog post (Swedish). article.

Photo set on Flickr.

Thanks everone for participating and making our first Hack Day a big hit.

Bye for now!


Blog post by Jocke Jardenberg (@jocke).

Blog post by Anton Lindqvist (@mptre).

Blog post by Gunnar R (in Swedish).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Benjamin Product Feed API

If any of you would like to play around with advertorials, contextual product ads, or just with any form of product mash-up, then we would be more than happy to give you access to the Benjamin product engine.

Our product engine has collected thousands of products, which are all ready for being matched with your query. You will be able to retrieve images, title, description, price, shipping cost, and a whole lot more.

At the moment, the inventory is only fashion related, but can be expanded easily to provide contextually correct matches for products in other industries as well.

Come say hi to the Benjamin guys - the Interactives - at the Hack Day - and we'll set you up.

- Anders Toxboe
PM for the Benjamin ProductFeed project
Benjamin Media

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team bink

Hi there!

We're the bink team.

Krysse Bergendahl, developer
Louise Fasth, developer
Fredrik Wallström, project manager

Looking forward hanging out with you geeks :-)

Hack Day agenda


Several people have sent me emails regarding practical details, such as agenda and address, so I decided to summarize eveything here.

Note: Hack Day is first and foremost about having fun and making something you've dreamt of doing. The elevator pitch session/competition is a "bonus".


Thursday March 11

12-2 pm Lunch + general information + open mic session with speakers, among others Per Åström (TV4); Jyri/Ulla-Maaria Engeström (Thinglink); Saplo; Jayway; Ted Valentin; Chris Thorpe (the Guardian). Let me know if you want to sign up too.

2 pm Coffee + Hack Day competition begins

5 pm Dinner

Friday March 12

8 am Breakfast

12 pm Lunch

2 pm Hack Day competition ends + quick coffee break

2-3 pm Elevator pitch session with jury (2 min pitch + 1 min feedback per team).

The jury consists of: The R&D team, Jocke Jardenberg and Erich Hugo (Bonnier Digital)

Adress: Kungsgatan 49, close to Hötorget. Take the elevator to floor 7.

You can reach me at 070-207 5096.

Internet: vouchers with 48h passwords for the wireless network will be handed out in the beginning. The wireless network should eb able to handle 50+ people, but to be on the safe side, wired connections will be made available too. If you have a 3G dongle, feel free to bring it.

Who owns the rights to the concept I develop? Since Bonnier Hack Day is arranged internally, during regular work hours, the Bonnier company you work for owns the rights. External participants are expluded, of course.

Which criteria will the jury evaluate the concepts/products based on? Factors such as consumer demand, uniqueness, revenue potential, scalability, achievability, as well as how well it fits into the "Bonnier context". We use three key categories: concept, business and execution (utförande).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Team Repris

Yet another team from TV4... This project will focus on something that is closer to our core business: television.

My name is Marcus Lindén (@mackielinden) and I work as a tech project manager/solutions architect at TV4 with Internet TV services (web, mobile, OTT). My programming skills include Actionscript 3, javascript/html/css and some years ago Java. I have a passion for new solutions to old problems. Will team up with my first (and also most recent boss) with the ambition to build a mashup of public and commercial services.

Per Åström (@perkovich): its my first Hack Day ever and with so many ideas I couldn't resist to do two projects (I am very fortunate to be surrounded by talented people to cooperate with!). I try to think of limits as something positive so we will see what we can achieve during the 24 hours.

The Interactives are coming!

Hey everybody,

We're the Interactives!

Well... we are three web developers from Benjamin Interactive - the online interactive department of Benjamin Media. In the print world we produce lifestyle magazines about fashion, women and men's lifestyle, interior design, and nice cars. We have expanded our online presence with projects like StyleGALLERY and soon a very product-centric project.

We are strong advocates of merciless prioritization, guerilla HCI, being lean, user driven development, and series of other beliefs.

Anders Lemke (@anderslemke) is a web developer with focus on system architecture. He loves to hammer away on his drums and compete in endurance races. Music setup: Sick sick sick drum set.

Yiannis Van Halewijck (@yiannisvh) is a web developer. Before he became a web developer, he worked as a music journalist. He resides in Belgium because his fans need him. Music setup: Fender Rhodes Mark I, 1973.

Anders Toxboe (@toxboe) is... a web developer with a passion for good, effective, and beatiful interface design. In his spare time he's working on a never-ending book project, which will be out... soon! Music setup: Fender Rhodes Mark II, 1982, Selmer sax, MPC.

We look forward to having a great time with you all later this week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saplo API @ Bonnier Hack Day

This API is open exclusively for Bonnier Hack Day. To get the documentation and api keys please contact Fredrik Hörte (details at the end of this post). If you will not be a part of Bonnier Hack Day but are interested in the API please visit our Saplo API page ( and we will contact you when it's released.

Entity Tagging: Identify persons, organizations and places mentioned in the text.

Related entities: Pick out the entities that are relevant to each other. I.e. related entities to Barack Obama may be the United States, Hillary Clinton, Democrats.

Similar articles: Find articles that have a similar meaning. I.e. an article on ice hockey may have matching articles about NHL, hockey, sports, etc.

Related articles: Find articles that are related to each other. Gives even tighter relationship than "similar articles". Apart from a semantic matching we also check entities and relationships between people, places and organizations.

Topics: Categorization of texts based on predefined semantic topics / contexts. I.e. create an economic context and a sport context and then let Saplo automatically categorize texts to each category.

Right now only Swedish texts are supported.

What can you build with Saplo API?
Here are some examples for your inspiration.

Trends: Using Entity tagging check persons, organizations and places that are trending now. Build a portal that aggregates all the articles and information (pictures, facts) that exist within the Bonnier Group for these "hot" trends. Can also be used with related articles, and related tags.

Themes: Build pages that discuss a particular theme. Create contexts for texts i.e. Banking / Finance and then collect all the articles on banking / finance as a particular theme or tag. Can also use entity tagging and create a theme for each tag. Using external services such as Wikipedia, flickr, etc. to enrich the page. (ref.,

Linking articles to travel sites: By Entity tagging find locations mentioned in articles and connect to apis that sell travel, etc. to find new dimensions for advertising.

Geographical map showing articles: Through Entity tagging identify all places in articles. Then visualize with GoogleAPI on Google Maps where articles takes place (ref. for articles).

For more information or questions?
Please give us a call or send us an email.

Fredrik Hörte (@horte)
fredrik (a)
Mobile: +46 (0)703 15 24 71

Mattias Tyrberg (@tyrberg)
mattias (a)
Mobile: +46 (0)709 797724

Friday, March 5, 2010

Team Thinglink

Howdy folks,

We're team Thinglink. Our business is connecting physical objects -- things -- to their stories, their creators, and the people that love and own them. We think there are a lot of these lonely things sitting idle around the planet, and that people on the internets are the best medium to connect them to each other.

Ulla-maaria Engeström (@ullamaaria) is the CEO and Founder of Thinglink, and most certainly the best dressed person on the team. She's a crafty lady who loves design.

Jyri Engeström (@jyri) is the VP Product and Co-Founder of Thinglink, and is the most able bodied and gregarious person on the team. He is a sociologist who is best known for co-founding Jaiku.

Ryan Betts (@hitsmachines) is the team Interaction Engineer, and has a sense of humor that will most certainly cause you to groan. He is an Interaction Designer formerly of Blast Radius, who fancies himself to be a web developer.

We look forward to meeting all of you, and having a terribly fun and productive time.

Sticker love

No real Hack Day without a logo and stickers. Thanks to Twitter we got several suggestions. I love them all (well, almost all ;) but could unfortunately, due to the Bonnier graphic design policy, only choose one of them. Still, I want to give all the designers credit by publishing the logos here:

The Winner

Christian Wilsson (@kribba)

The Rest

Johan Mogren @johanmogren)

Adam Gardefjord (@gardefjord)

And a (sligthly less serious) gift from our main competitor Schibsted:

Tobias Gärder (@tgarder)

Big thanks to all of you (and to Erika Jansson who also designed a logo)!


One more logo!

Benjamin Holfve (@trevald)

Team Olsson & Lindqvist

Hello World!

We're two open-source friendly developers from TV4 Expressen Mobilab. One half of the team is @hermanolsson (Herman Olsson), who has been working within the Bonnier corporation since 2008. He is currently a full-time iPhone developer, but loves web developing just as much.

The other half, @mptre (Anton Lindqvist), is currently working as a consultant at both Bonnier Communications and Mobilab. He is an open source evangelist with focus on web and mobile development.

Since we speak mobile development natively, our project will most likely involve some kind of mobile technology, but we might as well turn the other way around. :)

Chris Thorpe

Hi, I'm Chris (@jaggeree). I work part of my week at The Guardian in London where I'm their developer advocate and the rest of the week I'm working on other projects around data, content, social, location and play.

I'm really looking forward to the Bonnier Hackday as I'm going to be able to make things and not have to organise it! I'm involved in the organisation of The Guardian's hackdays and so never get much of a chance to make things and often end up making something quick which editorial or production want so this will be a real chance to be much more playful.

I'm hoping to make some things which explore the space around content + location + identity + sentiment + attention and we'll see how that goes!

Looking forward to meeting you all next week.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Team Kjelkerud & Berggren

David Kjelkerud

Henrik Berggren

I guess we are hack day veterans by now. After 4 Music Hack Days behind us, one eco-hack and 24-hour business camp we have come to love these events. We are a 100% coding team where David does all UI and interface and Henrik focuses on the backend. During Bonnier Hack Day we will probably do a project around newspapers.

Some of our previous hacks are:

See you next week!

Team Burton

Know each other from the real world at KTH - keeping contact through the wonderland of cyberspace and are certainly falling through the Hole for HackDay. Entreprenerds, techies and web wizards.

Adam Gardefjord (@gardefjord) - At ApicaSystem in real life and everywhere else otherwise. Soon to hopefully start my thesis at Bonnier.

Faisal Mahmud ( @2t2s ) - The web wizard that loves IT and everything that is tech. Has been working on everything from frameworks to business driven information systems.

Hassan Mian (@hassanmian) - Our own interaction designer by day and Flex guru by night. Probably runs the one and only official Flex course in Sweden...

Team HW

We have only met once in person, but many times somewhere on internet during the past years. It will be interesting to see how a digital friendship works out in a 24h-hack day reality. We are going for a hardware project empowered by internet and numbers.

Per Åström (@perkovich), CTO at TV4 New Media with a past from Schibsted, Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet. No programmer but with plenty of time and a good search engine he might produce something. Therefore always going for the open source alternative.

David Hall (@moonhouse), PhD student in computer science at Linköpings Universitet spends his days (apart from train riding) researching storage of XML data. Before going back to university he worked a couple of years with web development at Eniro and Fascinated by hack projects that integrates data from different sources. Would also love to come in contact with anyone who have large data sets and are willing to share those for research in the database area.

Team Adlibris

Adlibris joins in with Anders Cserkuti, IT manager, and David Andersson, developer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Awesomeness Team
This was the most humble name we could think of. Think of Charles Bukowski and you will probably be far of when it comes to our highly secret project.

Designer Erika Kihlgård (@erikakihlgard) pushes pixels, masters Mag+’s and tries to defy winter in 4” heels. (Spoiler alert: It almost worked). She holds the record for most web designs in a single day and on Hack Day she will probably leave the premises a few times out of boredom. On a daily basis, Erika works as the Art Director for Bonnier Tidskrifter Digitala Medier and has some funny looking glasses at the office.”

Paperboy turned digihead, Fredrik Strömberg (@stroemberg) is probably THE participant at Hack Day who knows the least about code and programming. This is something he will use shamelessly to his advantage, in order to be the most annoying team member on site. Otherwise – creative director at Bonnier Tidskrifter and proprietor of one of Websweden’s finest musical tastes.

Fredrik Davidsson (@fdqps) started out his working career as a Scanner operator but within some years found himeslef working for Quark. This lead him into editorial systems and large image banks for newspapers. He has coded PHP since 1996 and tried most of the other languages along the way but keep coming back to PHP. As one of the founders of Teknograd AS and AB he have the opportunity to make up his own title which currently is Head of Innovation.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Available API:s

For more information about Bonnier API:s, please visit these blog posts:

In addition, text analysis company Saplo has been kind enough to make one of its API:s available exclusivelly for Bonnier Hack Day. Email me if you want to know more.

About Bonnier Hack Day

Finally - the details for Bonnier Hack Day have been set!

Theme: Open API:s.Teams who use some of Bonnier's own open API:s get extra points. ;)
Location: Bonnier HQ, Kungsgatan 49 (7th floor).
Date: From noon March 11 to 3 pm March 12.
Schedule: Noon -2 pm March 11: Lunch + inspirational talks; 2 pm March 11-2pm March 12 (challenge); 2-3pm March 12: Elevator pitch session.

Apart from the actual hack challenge, a couple of special guests who will participate in different ways have been invited - some will develop their own things, some will simply talk. Among others, Chris Thorpe (@jaggeree), Developer Advocate at the Guardian, as well as Jaiku and Thinglink founders Jyri (@jyri) and Ulla-Maaria Engeström (@ullamaaria) are joing us. Other external participants are Mindpark's Jocke Jardenberg (@jocke), creators Henrik Berggren (@henrikberggren) and David Kjelkerud (@davidkjelkerud) from Doberman, the father of 24 Hour Business Camp, super-entrepreneur Ted Valentin (@tedvalentin), and Teknograd's Fredrik Davidsson (@fdqps) are joining us.

The event will end with a one-hour-long elevator pitch session. A distinguished jury will be present.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hello world!

Hi everyone!

In order to make sharing of Bonnier Hack Day-related information easier and encourage all participants to interact with each other, I decided to start this blog.

I'll grant all participants access to the blog so that you can publish information about your team and concept, or look for inspiration, additional team members or API:s to use. Thus: It is your blog as much as mine.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at paulina DOT soderlund [at] bonnier DOT se.