Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saplo API @ Bonnier Hack Day

This API is open exclusively for Bonnier Hack Day. To get the documentation and api keys please contact Fredrik Hörte (details at the end of this post). If you will not be a part of Bonnier Hack Day but are interested in the API please visit our Saplo API page ( and we will contact you when it's released.

Entity Tagging: Identify persons, organizations and places mentioned in the text.

Related entities: Pick out the entities that are relevant to each other. I.e. related entities to Barack Obama may be the United States, Hillary Clinton, Democrats.

Similar articles: Find articles that have a similar meaning. I.e. an article on ice hockey may have matching articles about NHL, hockey, sports, etc.

Related articles: Find articles that are related to each other. Gives even tighter relationship than "similar articles". Apart from a semantic matching we also check entities and relationships between people, places and organizations.

Topics: Categorization of texts based on predefined semantic topics / contexts. I.e. create an economic context and a sport context and then let Saplo automatically categorize texts to each category.

Right now only Swedish texts are supported.

What can you build with Saplo API?
Here are some examples for your inspiration.

Trends: Using Entity tagging check persons, organizations and places that are trending now. Build a portal that aggregates all the articles and information (pictures, facts) that exist within the Bonnier Group for these "hot" trends. Can also be used with related articles, and related tags.

Themes: Build pages that discuss a particular theme. Create contexts for texts i.e. Banking / Finance and then collect all the articles on banking / finance as a particular theme or tag. Can also use entity tagging and create a theme for each tag. Using external services such as Wikipedia, flickr, etc. to enrich the page. (ref.,

Linking articles to travel sites: By Entity tagging find locations mentioned in articles and connect to apis that sell travel, etc. to find new dimensions for advertising.

Geographical map showing articles: Through Entity tagging identify all places in articles. Then visualize with GoogleAPI on Google Maps where articles takes place (ref. for articles).

For more information or questions?
Please give us a call or send us an email.

Fredrik Hörte (@horte)
fredrik (a)
Mobile: +46 (0)703 15 24 71

Mattias Tyrberg (@tyrberg)
mattias (a)
Mobile: +46 (0)709 797724

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