Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hack Day summary

The winners: Team Sydsvenskan -

The first Bonnier Hack Day is now over. Oh boy, what a day. Despite the fact that the alarm went completely berserk at around 5 pm, amazing participants, concepts, discussions and food made the event a huge success. And a big plus: the Internet connected worked fairly well for the most of the time.

The winning concept, developed by Per-Olof Bondesson, Johannes Fosseus and Sara Johannesson from the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, is a city wiki/guide that combines location-based mobile services such as Gowalla and Foursqaure, Twitter and newspaper articles (by using Saplo's sentiment analysis API) along with users' own ratings to estimate the popularity of venues and other city phenomenons.

The jury, consisting of Sarah Öhrvall and Alexander Jamal of Bonnier R&D, Roger Åberg of Feber, Spotify ex-CTO Andreas Ehn and Joakim Jardenberg of Mindpark AB, particularly liked the way in which team Sydsvenskan used new and vastly different sources/API:s to provide more accurate and extensive reviews. David Kjelkerud and Henrik Berggren's stunning photo-based news browsing service Pictoriala and Per Åström and Marcus Lindén's useful web TV content aggregator were nominated too.

There are of course several ways to enjoy Bonnier Hack Day in retrospect. Here are some:

Chris Thorpe's (@jaggeree) Hackwall and blog post.

Per Åström's (@perkovich) blog post (Swedish). article.

Photo set on Flickr.

Thanks everone for participating and making our first Hack Day a big hit.

Bye for now!


Blog post by Jocke Jardenberg (@jocke).

Blog post by Anton Lindqvist (@mptre).

Blog post by Gunnar R (in Swedish).

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