Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hack Day agenda


Several people have sent me emails regarding practical details, such as agenda and address, so I decided to summarize eveything here.

Note: Hack Day is first and foremost about having fun and making something you've dreamt of doing. The elevator pitch session/competition is a "bonus".


Thursday March 11

12-2 pm Lunch + general information + open mic session with speakers, among others Per Åström (TV4); Jyri/Ulla-Maaria Engeström (Thinglink); Saplo; Jayway; Ted Valentin; Chris Thorpe (the Guardian). Let me know if you want to sign up too.

2 pm Coffee + Hack Day competition begins

5 pm Dinner

Friday March 12

8 am Breakfast

12 pm Lunch

2 pm Hack Day competition ends + quick coffee break

2-3 pm Elevator pitch session with jury (2 min pitch + 1 min feedback per team).

The jury consists of: The R&D team, Jocke Jardenberg and Erich Hugo (Bonnier Digital)

Adress: Kungsgatan 49, close to Hötorget. Take the elevator to floor 7.

You can reach me at 070-207 5096.

Internet: vouchers with 48h passwords for the wireless network will be handed out in the beginning. The wireless network should eb able to handle 50+ people, but to be on the safe side, wired connections will be made available too. If you have a 3G dongle, feel free to bring it.

Who owns the rights to the concept I develop? Since Bonnier Hack Day is arranged internally, during regular work hours, the Bonnier company you work for owns the rights. External participants are expluded, of course.

Which criteria will the jury evaluate the concepts/products based on? Factors such as consumer demand, uniqueness, revenue potential, scalability, achievability, as well as how well it fits into the "Bonnier context". We use three key categories: concept, business and execution (utförande).

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