Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Awesomeness Team
This was the most humble name we could think of. Think of Charles Bukowski and you will probably be far of when it comes to our highly secret project.

Designer Erika Kihlgård (@erikakihlgard) pushes pixels, masters Mag+’s and tries to defy winter in 4” heels. (Spoiler alert: It almost worked). She holds the record for most web designs in a single day and on Hack Day she will probably leave the premises a few times out of boredom. On a daily basis, Erika works as the Art Director for Bonnier Tidskrifter Digitala Medier and has some funny looking glasses at the office.”

Paperboy turned digihead, Fredrik Strömberg (@stroemberg) is probably THE participant at Hack Day who knows the least about code and programming. This is something he will use shamelessly to his advantage, in order to be the most annoying team member on site. Otherwise – creative director at Bonnier Tidskrifter and proprietor of one of Websweden’s finest musical tastes.

Fredrik Davidsson (@fdqps) started out his working career as a Scanner operator but within some years found himeslef working for Quark. This lead him into editorial systems and large image banks for newspapers. He has coded PHP since 1996 and tried most of the other languages along the way but keep coming back to PHP. As one of the founders of Teknograd AS and AB he have the opportunity to make up his own title which currently is Head of Innovation.

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