Monday, March 8, 2010

Team Repris

Yet another team from TV4... This project will focus on something that is closer to our core business: television.

My name is Marcus Lindén (@mackielinden) and I work as a tech project manager/solutions architect at TV4 with Internet TV services (web, mobile, OTT). My programming skills include Actionscript 3, javascript/html/css and some years ago Java. I have a passion for new solutions to old problems. Will team up with my first (and also most recent boss) with the ambition to build a mashup of public and commercial services.

Per Åström (@perkovich): its my first Hack Day ever and with so many ideas I couldn't resist to do two projects (I am very fortunate to be surrounded by talented people to cooperate with!). I try to think of limits as something positive so we will see what we can achieve during the 24 hours.

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