Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About Bonnier Hack Day

Finally - the details for Bonnier Hack Day have been set!

Theme: Open API:s.Teams who use some of Bonnier's own open API:s get extra points. ;)
Location: Bonnier HQ, Kungsgatan 49 (7th floor).
Date: From noon March 11 to 3 pm March 12.
Schedule: Noon -2 pm March 11: Lunch + inspirational talks; 2 pm March 11-2pm March 12 (challenge); 2-3pm March 12: Elevator pitch session.

Apart from the actual hack challenge, a couple of special guests who will participate in different ways have been invited - some will develop their own things, some will simply talk. Among others, Chris Thorpe (@jaggeree), Developer Advocate at the Guardian, as well as Jaiku and Thinglink founders Jyri (@jyri) and Ulla-Maaria Engeström (@ullamaaria) are joing us. Other external participants are Mindpark's Jocke Jardenberg (@jocke), creators Henrik Berggren (@henrikberggren) and David Kjelkerud (@davidkjelkerud) from Doberman, the father of 24 Hour Business Camp, super-entrepreneur Ted Valentin (@tedvalentin), and Teknograd's Fredrik Davidsson (@fdqps) are joining us.

The event will end with a one-hour-long elevator pitch session. A distinguished jury will be present.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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